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Analysts Reflect on Coalition Agreement; Little Consensus Found
A week after the Reform – Pro Patria and Res Publica Union coalition agreement was revealed to the public, analysts have not come to a consensus on what the agreement means for civil society. NENO project manager Alari Rammo called the agreement “predictably vague” whereas Annika Uudelepp from the think tank Praxis praised its emphasis on public administration reforms and increased participation.

29. March 2011

Election Observers: Polling Stations Were Underprepared
According to the final report by Transparency International Estonia, the parliamentary elections of March 6th were conducted transparently and democratically in general, but the report also noted a few problems.

26. March 2011

Civil Society Manifesto Reflected in Coalition Agreement
Coalition talks between the Reform Party and the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union came to a conclusion yesterday, when the two parties confirmed a 55-page coalition agreement detailing the goverment’s action plan for the next four years. The agreement incorporated many of the proposals outlined in the Civil Society Manifesto released shortly before the elections. However, other proposals have been watered down and some crucial points have been completely left out from the coalition agreement.

24. March 2011

NENO Introduces Participatory Budgeting at Spring School

Last Friday, NENO conducted its annual Spring School, this time on the topic of Participatory Budgeting.

23. March 2011

Switzerland Provides 2 Million Euros for Estonian Civil Society
The Swiss ambassador in Helsinki, Maurice Darier, deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Finance Ivar Sikk and the head of the National Foundation of Civil Society Agu Laius signed an agreement yesterday providing 2.3 million euros for the development of third sector-public sector partnership. The Ministry of Finance will co-fund the initiative for 300 000 euros, with Switzerland providing the rest.

22. March 2011

Antiracism report declares: NGO-s good, government bad.
A report by the European Network Against Racism released a shadow report today outlining key issues in the fight against discrimination in Estonia. The report sharply criticizes the government for willfully ignoring the question of discrimination, but praises NGOs for providing legal counsel and raising awareness, in spite of limited funding opportunities.

21. March 2011

OECD Report Criticizes Estonia for Condescending Attitude Toward Civic Activism
A 417-page OECD report released yesterday criticizes Estonia on several accounts, including inefficient governance and a condescending attitude towards civic activism.

19. March 2011

Seasoned Film Activists Involve Thousands in Community Film Project
The community film project “Filmitalgud” just approved the script for a new sci-fi romantic comedy that will involve the entire country as scriptwriters, producers, actors and directors.

17. March 2011

IT-enthusiasts Turn Fiction into Fact in 48 Hours

In an attempt to improve public e-services a group of enthusiasts, professional programmers and part-time hackers gathered at Tallinn University in late February, prepared to spend an entire weekend coding new applications for the public sector.
14. March 2011

Pärnu NGO Develops Website for School Choice

The Pärnu Youth Council and the Estonian School Student Councils' Union have opened a website that allows students to compare Pärnu public schools on different criteria – from the number of foreign languages taught to the size of parking lots. The idea – which the developers hope to expand to a nation-wide scale – is to help students in selecting secondary schools and shift emphasis away from measuring exam results.

14. March 2011

Tallinn Partakes in Discussion over the Future of Volunteering

As part of the European Year of Volunteering, Tallinn Sokos Hotel Viru will host a three-day symposium (held in English) titled "The future of volunteering: concepts, trends, visions". The event will focus on the shape of volunteering today and tomorrow.
11. March 2011

Monitors Declare Elections 'Boring'
Election monitors from Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Latvia and Slovakia noted only stray examples of misconduct during March 6th Election Day. The monitors were invited by Open Estonia Foundation.

10. March 2011

Guardians of Good Conduct Summarize: Campaigns Had More Substance, Still Too Much Bite

Now that the Elections to the Estonian Parliament have concluded, the time has come to review the campaign period. During the six weeks of active campaigning, NENO ran a program of Good Election Practices, monitoring the campaigns of all political parties running for office.
10. March 2011

Shadow Elections Largely Mirror Real Results
The Estonian National Youth Council released the results of their Shadow Elections, held online amongs Estonian youth aged 14-17 during the real election period.

10. March 2011

Online Voting More Popular Than Ever
Election day is still three days away, but online elections have already concluded. Which party won the online vote is still a secret, but perhaps the biggest winner was the online voting system itself, as over 140 000 people, a little over 10% of the electorate, chose to vote online.

3. March 2011

NENOs Manifesto Proposes Civil Society Improvements for Next Government
On Monday, NENO released a pre-election manifesto, outlining seven key areas where the next government can best contribute to the continuing development of civil society.

2. March 2011

Goverment Approves Civil Society Development Plan
For almost a year now, experts, NGOs and active citizens have debated the direction the new Civil Society Development Plan should give to Estonian civil society. This work has finally borne fruit: The cabinet approved the plan on February 10th, setting a number of goals for the development of Estonian civil society 2011-2014.

2. March 2011

Civil Society Fund Supports Volunteers, Waldorfs, Women
The National Foundation for Civil Society announced its grants for civil society umbrella organizations and network organizations on January 21st. 16 grant proposals out of 42 were funded to the total amount of €315,327. The average grant was €19,707.

2. March 2011

Politicians and Activists Switch Places, Find Life Not That Different on Other Side
Hoping to improve public sector cooperation with civil society, NENO brought together 16 pairs of job shadowers, from the government and leading NGOs, who followed their partners in their daily tasks during Citizen's Day on November 26th, last year. Many participants were surprised at how similar work in the public sector and in the third sector really was.

1. March 2011

Think Tank Rates Parties' Approach to Civil Society 'Confusing'
The Praxis Center for Policy Studies, which has been analyzing and commenting on party platforms for several months now, released an analysis on parties’ relationship to civil society yesterday, calling the approach ‘confusing’.

1. March 2011

Artists of All Forms Unite under Chamber of Culture

Responding to an age-old criticism – that Estonian culture lacks a coherent voice – artists, writers, musicians and creative types of all shapes and forms founded the non-profit organization Chamber of Culture last Wednesday, hoping to start a new era of bottom-up cultural policy.
28. February 2011

European Year of Volunteering Brings Together Volunteers from Estonia, Abroad
If the glitter of freshly minted eurocoins erased most doubt of Estonia’s place in Europe, the active participation of Estonian volunteer organizations in the 2011 Year of Volunteering should take care of the rest.

27. February 2011

NENO to Candidates: Play Nice!
Since 2009, NENO has called for political parties to follow Good Election Practices. This year the effort takes on new dimensions as electoral practices are followed and commented on by experts through the elections portal of Estonian Public Broadcasting.

27. February 2011

NGOs Set Expectations for New Government in Form of General Manifestos
Countering the pre-election flood of electoral promises and party programs, leading unions and NGOs across Estonia have released their own manifestos, detailing their expectations for the government in anticipation of general elections, held on March 6th.

27. February 2011

President Ilves Praises Civil Society in Independence Day Address
On February 24th, Estonia celebrated its 93rd year of independence in a more sombre mood than usual, as a tragic fire at a Haapsalu orphanage had claimed the lives of 10 disabled children just a few days earlier.

26. February 2011

Dutch Philanthropist Named Citizen of the Year
NENO is not the only organization to give out awards for accomplishments in civil society. In last November, the Estonian Ministry of Culture named Pieter Boerefijn, founder of the Food Bank, Citizen of the Year. The Food Bank is also the recipient of NENO’s Civil Society Award.

26. February 2011

Civil Society Monitors Elections, Debates, Promises
In the run-up to the elections of the Estonian Parliament, held on March 6th, many non-governmental organizations have taken the initiative in educating the electorate and improving the elections process.

23. February 2011

NENO Names Fictional Party Congress Accomplishment of the Year

For the past 16 years, NENO has given out the Annual Civil Society Awards in six categories. The awards are given to people, organizations and initiative that substantially change the landscape of civic action in Estonia. This year, only five awards were given (the award for Best Public Representative was left without nominees).
23. February 2011

Reserve the date for another e-conference
Join us to find out how organisations across Europe are supporting people online and off.

14. February 2011

NCVO Blog: Estonia and e-governance
Last week e-mentoring project had a meeting in Tallinn, Estonia. Louise from NCVO shares her thoughts regarding e-solutions in Estonia.

10. December 2010

NCVO Blog: My morning at Skype
Last week e-mentoring project had a meeting in Tallinn, Estonia. Louise from NCVO shares her impression of Skype as an organisation.

10. December 2010

NCVO Blog about Community Tools
Last week e-mentoring project had a meeting in Tallinn, Estonia. Louise from NCVO shares her thoughts about Community Tools making it easier for communities to connect.

10. December 2010

Are you interested in learning from organisations across Europe?
E-mentoring project aspires NGO leaders all over Europe to exchange good practices using new technologies.

31. May 2010

Pan-European E-mentoring scheme launched for voluntary groups
NCVO's press release of the e-mentoring project NENO is participating.

12. May 2010

European Union-Russian studies master programme
University of Tartu now accepts applications to EUROPEAN UNION-RUSSIAN STUDIES MASTER PROGRAMME (120 ECTS; Bologna Master).

27. April 2010

NENO will participate in Europe-wide mentoring programme
Brief overview of the project "Participation for Change"

27. April 2010

Overview of the Leader Twinning Programme in Estonia
Euclid Network (EN) in partnership with NENO carried out the Leader Twinning Programme last week – an innovative initiative that will see NGO leaders spend one week with their peers across Europe.

22. March 2010

Parliamentary hearing on civil society development
The Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) will discuss the development of civil society as a matter of significant national importance in March.

1. March 2010

Let's do it World
On the 3rd of May 2008, a group of activists in Estonia managed to rally 50 000 people to participate in wide-scale cleaning activities aimed at making the environment garbage-free.

27. February 2010

Annual reports only electronically, NGOs added
To this day non-profit association was the only corporate body who submitted all their reports to IRS where common people didn’t have access to examine them.

26. February 2010

Record-breaking interest expected in this year’s Youth to School program
Even though the competition has been tight every year since Youth to School program was launched in 2007, the program has already, without any notification, received over 80 applications.

26. February 2010

Euclid Network and NENO send NGO leaders across Europe
Euclid Network (EN) in partnership with NENO will begin the Leader Twinning Programme this month – an innovative initiative that will see NGO leaders spend one week with their peers across Europe.

2. February 2010

Private donations on rise
Even though Estonia’s most important donation campaign of the year, the annual Christmas television charity show Jõulutunnel (Christmas Tunnel) managed to raise only a half of the previous year’s amount, there has not been a significant decrease in private donations according to the other larger fundraisers, regardless of the economic recession.

20. January 2010

Scolarships in Estonia for students from 6 countries
The Open Estonia Foundation launches a scholarship contest for students from the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries studying in Estonian universities for the Spring term of 2010.

13. January 2010

State Secretary: Government's success depends on its ability to engage
State Secretary Heiki Loot held a speech at the opening of international good citizen participation practices conference today in Tallinn. Good governance is participatory and based on consensus, he said.

7. December 2009

17 people were awarded as "Volunteers of the Year"
To celebrate the International Volunteer Day, "Volunteer of the Year" awards were announced today by President of Estonian Republic, Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

6. December 2009

Analysis of the idea bank of the "My Estonia"
Center for Policy Studies PRAXIS has condacted an analysis of the ideas that were discussed at the nation-wide brainstorming day "My Estonia" on May 1st. That day, more than 11.000 people gathered in 400 spots all over Estonia to discuss their visions for the future of their community and country.

1. December 2009

Citizen of the Year - Erkki Sven Tüür
The participants of the  the 6th civil society conference gave a standing ovation today to Erkki Sven Tüür, well-known Estonian composer, who was voted Citizen of the Year 2009. This is an annual award, announced each year on the 26th of November by the government of Estonia.

26. November 2009

6th Estonian Civil Society Conference
6th Estonian Civil Society Conference takes place this week. On November 26, Estonian civic activists will gather in Tallinn to discuss the current state and future challenges of civic education - what needs to be done so that people would be more active and responsible.

24. November 2009

NENO examined the effect of the recession on Estonian NGOs
This summer NENO carried out the first research of the series "Capable Sector" where information was collected about the effect of the recession on the Estonian NGOs so far.

11. November 2009

Estonians stepped up as election observers
Answering to the call of NGO Coalition Against Corruption, over 70 Estonian citizens became volunteer election observers during the run-up to local elections in October.

29. October 2009

Estonian Debating Society called voters to "Spot the Argument"
Prior to the local elections a project named "Spot the Argument" was organized by Estonian Debating Society (EDS) to improve the understanding of political debate and critical thinking among the electorate.

19. October 2009

Estonian youth practised voting
Two Estonian youth organisations joined their forces in the beginning of October to give pupils in Tallinn and Tartu a practical experience of voting at 'shadow elections' to the local elections held a few days later.

18. October 2009

George Soros’ new crisis fund brings millions to Estonia
In the couple of months the fund has been active it has financed nine projects with the total sum being 2.6 million kroons, writes, citing Eesti Päevaleht.

8. October 2009

Estonians launched world's first e-Bank of Happiness
In September a new kind of bank which will never deal with money or will never worry about its money being devalued was launched in Estonia in order to promote the non-monetary values with the help of exchanging good deeds.

29. September 2009

Good Campaigning Practices and NGO Manifesto were proposed to the politicians
Prior to the local government elections in October 2009, NENO addressed all candidates running for local councils with a NGO Manifesto, which includes also Good Campaigning Practices.

20. September 2009

Good Campaigning Practices and NGO Manifesto were proposed to the politicians
Prior to the local government elections in October 2009, NENO addressed all candidates running for local councils with a NGO Manifesto, which includes also Good Campaigning Practices.

20. September 2009

Volunteering helps to stay positive during the difficult times
Despite troublesome times in the economy close to half of the Estonian population has participated in volunteer activities over the past year. However, fewer acknowledge that it is namely volunteering they do. This is demonstrated by the study, commissioned by the Volunteer Activities Development Centre.

16. September 2009

Public services are delegated to NGO-s by 63% of local governments in Estonia
In the first half-year of 2009, Praxis Center for Policy Studies carried out a study on delegating public services to NGO-s in local governments to ascertain how popular it is, what are the experiences so far, and to propose policy recommendations to the government of the republic.

16. September 2009

Recession has not decreased the willingness of people to participate in charity
A marketing research was carried out to examine the attitudes, personal commitment and willingness of 15 - 74 year old Estonians to participate in charity at the current moment and in the near future.

5. September 2009

Estonian people will send Ghana children to school
Today, on the first of September when all Estonian children go to school, also 30 kids in North-Ghana can start their schoolyear with the help of Estonian donors.

1. September 2009

Personal Mentors Will Help 50 Russian Teachers Learn Estonian
As part of a unique pilot project, 51 teachers from Russian-speaking schools in Estonia have been matched with personal mentors who will support the teachers in their efforts to learn the Estonian language.

27. August 2009

Estonia's score improved in the USAID civil society index
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has published an index about the sustainability of the non-profit sector in the Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union countries. Estonia continuously holds in the first place amongst 29 countries, slightly improving its performance.

7. August 2009

Umbrella organisations come together as the European Network of National Associations
Fifteen European voluntary sector umbrella organisations, including NENO, have come together for the first time ever to discuss a range of issues affecting voluntary organisations across the European Union.

21. July 2009

Soros pledges $100 million to countries hit by the economic crisis
The Open Society Institute will give $100 million to help communities in Eastern Europe, Balkans, Central Asia and Caucasus hardest hit by the global economic downturn.

16. July 2009

First year of National Foundation of Civil Society
This spring, National Foundation of Civil Society celebrated its first birthday. Below you can find a summary of foundation's achievements so far, written by its staff member Merlin Sepp.

1. June 2009

NGO Fund Day celebrated this Friday
This Friday, May 8, the Open Estonia Foundation (OEF) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Estonia celebrate the NGO Fund Day with a festive ceremony where 39 Estonian civil society organizations sign grant contracts with the fund.

4. May 2009

11.000 people attended nationwide brainstorming sessions
More than 11.000 people participated today in "Let's Do It! My Estonia" nationwide brainstorming sessions.

1. May 2009

Enterprises ready for brainstormers' proposals
Many companies have decided to unite their summer retreats this year with the brainstorming bees, not just to vacation together during tough times, but also to contribute to the betterment of Estonia.

30. April 2009

Estonian youth organizations and pensioners’ societies started collaboration
29th of April is celebrated as the First European Day on Solidarity between Generations. In the frame of solidarity day the Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) and the Estonian Association of Pensioners’ Societies (EPÜL) created a mutual co-operation agreement.

29. April 2009

Young Georgians and Estonians develop democracy at school
From April 20-26, pupils from Gori 7th Secondary School (Georgia) visited Estonia to meet their partners from Kolga Secondary School in Estonia for a joint project on school democracy.

27. April 2009

7.9 million EEK distributed in the 4th call of NGO Fund
In its 4th call for proposals the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO Fund), managed by the Open Estonia Foundation (OEF), awarded funding to 39 civil society projects.

26. April 2009

My Estonia Brainstorming Bees to Take Place Worldwide
My Estonia brainstorming bees, in addition to Estonia, will be taking place in several other countries. Estonians have set up idea workshops in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Holland, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Georgia, and the United States. The possibility of setting up of idea workshops in Latvia and Australia is still being discussed.

18. April 2009

Brainstorming Bees are Becoming Estonia’s Biggest Cooperation Project
Over 100 partners have already joined the My Estonia brainstorming bee project, all of whom have contributed to its success based on their abilites and activites.

17. April 2009

OEF’s 2009 Concord Award to Kolga Secondary School
Today, the Open Estonia Foundation (OEF) gave the Concord award for 2009 to Kolga Secondary School for active support to its partner school in Georgia, damaged in Russian bombings last autumn.

17. April 2009

Invitation to business ethics conference
The Estonian chapter of Transparency International (Korruptsioonivaba Eesti) invites you to attend the 2nd Baltic-Nordic conference on business ethics  "Promoting Business Ethics: Baltic Challenges, Nordic Experience".

1. April 2009

My Estonia Holds Dress Rehearsal for Brainstorming Project
The coordinators of the My Estonia citizen's initiative organized a brainstorming project dress rehearsal on Saturday at Tallinn Technical University.

21. March 2009

In Memoriam Yana Polyakova
The night before yesterday we lost one of most important Belarusian human rights defenders, Yana Polyakova.

9. March 2009

AFP: Estonians plan virtual 'happiness bank' to fight recession
In times of economic woe, Estonians are banking on ideas to lift their spirits above the gloom and doom of recession with an online "happiness bank" and forums on better governance, Anneli Reigas (AFP) reports.

28. February 2009

Estonian-Russian cooperation in combating violence against women and children
How to combat violence targeted against women and children is at the heart of the project taking place in Tartu this week.

18. February 2009

Estonian Opinion Leaders Advise Ukraine in NATO Integration
The Tallinn-based Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association and a number of well-known Estonian experts will hold a training session for Ukrainian NGOs aimed at passing along Estonia’s experience in the field of NATO accession.

18. February 2009

Estonia recognises civil society activists with state decorations
President Ilves signed a resolution conferring decorations on 97 citizens of the Republic of Estonia and foreigners in connection with the Estonian Independence Day on February 24 and in recognition of their services to Estonia. Amongst them are many civil society activists.

5. February 2009

Back-to-School Day on Feb 23rd
President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the Noored Kooli (Youth to School) Foundation call upon everyone to make a contribution to the promotion and diversification of Estonian schooling.

3. February 2009

Supported Projects of NGO Fund 3rd Call Announced
118 applications were submitted in response to the NGO Fund 3rd open call under the Estonian €2.1 million NGO Fund. The evaluation of the projects has been completed, and grants will be awarded to 13 large and 15 small projects in the sum of almost € 400 000.

12. December 2008

NENO Newsletter November 2008
- NGOs: Code of Good Practice on Involvement Needs Legal Power
- NENO: Political Parties Should Limit Their Costs for Election Campaigns
- First NGO Clamorings Made Proposals About EKAK Implementation
- European Commission asks Estonia to stop discriminating foreign-based foundations
- New Programs Under National Foundation for Civil Society
- News in Brief

28. November 2008

Citizen of the Year: NENO's Board Member Rainer Nõlvak
Today it was announced that Estonia's Citizen of the Year is NENO's Board Member Rainer Nõlvak who came up with the idea of nationwide cleanup campaign Let's Do It! A week earlier Nõlvak was also chosen to be Estonia's most innovative person of 2008.

26. November 2008

XIII Open Society Forum and ECFR Council meeting to be held in Tallinn November 6-7
Participants of the forum include Martti Ahtisaari, Co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, philanthropist George Soros, Kadri Liik, Director of the International Centre for Defence Studies, and political scientist Aleksander Smolar.

3. November 2008

Study says the situation at Georgian refugee camps worse than expected
The study Problems and Needs of Georgian Refugees presented at Open Estonia Foundation today voiced concerns about the lack of objective information about the real living conditions of Georgian refugees.

13. October 2008

First Estonian NGO Clamorings: What Has EKAK Ever Done for Us?
On October 31 NENO is organizing first clamorings of Estonian NGOs to discuss the future of Estonian Civil Society Development Concept, EKAK, or Estonian "Compact".

3. October 2008

NENO Newsletter September 2008
- Three Studies Underway About NGO Funding in Estonia
- NFCS Distributed Its First Grants
- Estonia Ranked First in the USAID Index
- Estonia Improved in CPI
- News in Brief

29. September 2008

Belarusian Students in Estonia Support Georgia
Participants of the summer school for Belarusian students studying in Estonia made a joint declaration in support of Georgia today.

27. August 2008

Third Open Call for NGO Fund Project Proposals Launched
The third open call for proposals for the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO Fund) was launched on Thursday, July 24, proposals should be submitted by September 22 at the latest.

24. July 2008

NENO Newsletter July 2008
- TID+ Project To Encourage E-Participation
- NGOs’ Annual Reports To Be Made Public
- Three New Programmes Launched Under NFCS
- Social Integration Focus Area Most Popular in NGO Fund Second Call
- 76% of Population Supports Giving Aid to Poorer Nations
- Hansabank Donation Environment Gains Popularity

11. July 2008

NGO Fund 2nd Call Project Evaluation Completed
A total 145 applications were submitted in response to the second open call under the Estonian 2.1 million NGO Fund. The evaluation of the projects has been completed, and grants will be awarded to 13 large and 18 small projects.

9. July 2008

Interview with Urmo Kübar in Vita Europe
European third sector magazine Vita Europe published an interview with NENO’s Director Urmo Kübar. Direct link to the interview (restricted to registered users, however, registration is easy and free).

4. June 2008

Social Integration Focus Area Most Popular in NGO Fund Second Call
For the NGO Fund second open call, 145 applications for grants were submitted in the sum of more than 30 million kroons in total, of which 70 small-scale and 75 large-scale projects. One third of the proposals were resubmitted, having been rewritten after the first round.

2. June 2008

eDemocracy conference 2008
The registration to the 2008 e-democracy conference "Opportunities for Citizen Participation in an Information Society, Introduction of a new participation tool: TID+" on June 5th, 2008, Press Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, is now open.

22. May 2008

Embassies gathered to discuss Estonian civil society
Today NENO invited embassies for the annual morning coffee to exchange information and discuss civil society developments in Estonia.

14. May 2008

NENO Newsletter May 2008
- Over 50 000 volunteers cleaned up Estonia
- New Civil Society Fund starts distributing grants
- Projects Set to Start under Estonian NGO Fund
- NENO and the President of Riigikogu Presented the Rewards for Civil Society Activits
- News in brief

9. May 2008

Big Cleanup Day in the Media
Besides Estonian media, many international news channels covered the big clean-up day this weekend when more than 50 000 volunteers collected illegal waste from Estonian forests. It is the largest civic initiative in Estonia this year, maybe even the largest since Singing Revolution in the end of 1980s.

6. May 2008

Over 50 000 volunteers participated in the country cleaning day in Estonia
More than 50 000 volunteers came out yesterday morning to participate in the big clean-up day in Estonia – organized by the civic initiative called Let's Do It! 2008 started by Estonian tech millionaires – founder of Skype, Ahti Heinla and founder of Microlink, Rainer Nõlvak.

5. May 2008

Open Estonia Foundation's 2008 Concord Award Laureates Are Ahto Lobjakas and Ivan Makarov
The Open Estonia Foundation's annual Concord award goes to Radio Free Europe journalist Ahto Lobjakas and Radio 4 journalist Ivan Makarov this year.

18. April 2008

Eastern Europe's Garbage War One upmanship in the garbage game
Inspired by Estonia's massive civic-initiative to digitally map and clean up 10,000 tons of illegal waste throughout the country, Lithuania has declared war on both its garbage and Estonia.

17. April 2008

Pojects Set to Start under the Estonian NGO Fund
The evaluation of the projects submitted in response to the first open call under the €2.3 million Estonian NGO Fund has been completed, and grants will be awarded to 27 projects from all across Estonia.

17. April 2008

The sign-up for the big cleaning day of Estonia begins tomorrow
Starting from tomorrow, it is possible to sign up for the country-wide  clean-up day of Estonia, which takes place on 3rd of May 2008. More  than 40 000 volunteers are needed to complete the mission to clean  whole country from the illegal waste and garbage in just one day.

19. March 2008

Roundtable on Kosovo
A roundtable meeting on Kosovo was organized by Open Estonia Foundation to advocate for support to Kosovo.

29. February 2008

Estonia launches second open call for NGO Fund project proposals
The second open call for proposals for the Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO Fund) was launched on Friday, February 22, proposals should be submitted by April 22 the latest.

29. February 2008

"Gender Sensitivity from Kindergarden to University" Project Competition Launched

29. February 2008

7,000 tons of crap never to be seen again
One weekend in May. 40,000 volunteers. 7,000 tons of trash.

21. February 2008

2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue Opened
Opening event of the year was held at the European House in Tallinn was held successfully with a lively interactive discussion from participants.

15. February 2008

NENO's Newsletter February 2008
- New Minister for Regional Affairs
- EKAK’s implementation session at the Parliament
- European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
- News in brief

4. February 2008

NGO Fund first call for proposals attracted applications for more than 30 MEEK (2 million euros)
The deadline of the first call for proposals was January 29. 115 project proposals, 51 small-scale and 64 large-scale projects, were submitted in the sum of 29 807 493 kroons in total. In the first round, grants will be given in the sum of 6,2 MEEK.

2. February 2008

Estonia's New Regional Minister Sworn In
Siim Kiisler, former assistant minister at the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications, took an oath before Parliament as the new minister of regional affairs.

23. January 2008

Report by Urmas Reinsalu, the Chairman of the Civil Society Support Group
On December 13th, the deliberation of the implementation of the Estonian civil society concept and the development of civil society as a matter of significant national importance was held in the Riigikogu. Reports were by the Minister of Regional Affairs Vallo Reimaa, the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee Väino Linde and the Chairman of the Civil Society Support Group Urmas Reinsalu. In his report, Urmas Reinsalu underlined that it was the role of the parliament to set the rules of the game and to impose unilateral obligations on the state and state authorities which would facilitate and develop the formation and work of citizens’ associations.

14. December 2007

NENO's Newsletter December 2007
- 5th Civil Society Conference probes good citizenship
- Board for new Civil Society Fund elected
- Parliament gathers to discuss civil society development

10. December 2007

Estonian civil society conference
This year's Estonian civil society conference "Good citizen - a Project or Lifestyle?" took place on November 22-23, 2007 in Tallinn. Take a look at the presentations by our guest speakers and also at the photos!

7. December 2007

Debate – how should Estonia put the development cooperation goals into practice?
The debate (19.10.2007), organised by PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies and Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, brought together the main people involved in development cooperation.

21. October 2007

NENO’s Newsletter September 2007
- NENO opposes government’s plan to increase party funding as „civil society support”
- Concept for Civil Society Endowment presented to government
- 5th Estonian Civil Society Conference to focus on good citizenship
- Summer school brought together NGOs and officials eager to improve public involvement in policy making
- News in brief

13. September 2007

NENO’s Newsletter June 2007
v  A kick-off for consultations on new Civil Society Endowment
v  Joint committee of EKAK implementation to be revised
v  Estonian Government launches new web-portal for public participation
v  Estonia ranks first in NGO Sustainability Index
v  News in brief

5. July 2007

First e-consultations were opened in participation web created by the State Chancellery
The first e-consultations were opened in the participation web created by the  State Chancellery at the address one of them concerns EU policy, and another the financing of citizens  associations.

4. July 2007

Different histories, common future
White Tulips movement was started by 20 young Estonians with Estonian and Russian origin, who had the vision that all nationalities should live friendly within our communities.

7. May 2007

NENO’s Newsletter April 2007
v  New minister for civil society issues in Estonia
v  Political Manifesto of Estonian NGOs proved successful
v  NGOs suggested people to keep a clear head during the riots in Tallinn
v  Advisory committee of NGOs was formed to consult tax incentives
v  President of the Riigikogu and NENO present the “NGO of the Year” rewards
v  News in brief

2. May 2007

NENO's morning coffee for the foreign embassies
Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO) invites the ambassadors to have morning coffee with us to discuss the developments of Estonian civil society.

1. February 2007

NENO`s Newsletter January 2007
# Estonian NGOs Compiled a Political Manifestation
# NENO´s website also in Russian now
# Estonian Voluntary Action Development Plan soon to be completed
# NGO organizational capacity in Estonia is stratifying
# CAF Russia came to learn from Estonian experience
# News in brief

31. January 2007

Special Program Closed Societies as Part of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
A special program on closed societies is organized as part of the 10th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. The program consists of a seminar on democracy in Russia and its neighborhood and 9 films to be screened in Tallinn and Tartu.

5. December 2006

Study on Europe’s Eastern neighbors
A new study “Between activeness and influence: The contribution of new member states to EU policies towards the Eastern neighbors” focuses on the influence of the new member states on EU’s policies towards its eastern neighbors by looking at how their experience and expertise has been used in policy- making process.

21. September 2006

NENO´s new Executive Director is Urmo Kübar
NENO´s board chose the organization´s Membership Programme Director to be the next Executive Director. He will assume his duties at the end of September.

12. September 2006

Six Young Belarusians to Continue Studies in Estonia
Six university students who were dismissed from their institutions of higher education in Belarus because of ideological conflicts will begin their studies in Estonia this autumn.

17. August 2006

NENO condemns actions of Belarusian authorities
Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO) condemns Belarus authorities’ attempts to control, censor and ban peaceful citizen participation.

5. August 2006

NENO newsletter July 2006
v  Estonian Government approved the Civic Initiative Support Strategy
v  Social entrepreneurs were acknowledged for the first time in Estonia
v  The transparency and the control over the NGOs/NPOs hopefully enlarging
v  Estonian Civil Society Development Concept (EKAK) at the CIVICUS World Assembly
v  News in brief

2. August 2006

NENO workshop at the CIVICUS World Assembly 2006 in Glasgow, Scotland
Based on their experiences from NENO,the former CEO Kristina Mänd and the Director of Membership Program Urmo Kübar presented a workshop on governance and management of nonprofit organizations at CIVICUS World Assembly 2006.

24. June 2006

Harvard Professor Robert Putnam to Address the Open Society Forum in Estonia
The keynote speaker of the 11th Open Society Forum “Social Capital in a World in Flux”is renowned Harvard University professor Robert D. Putnam.

25. May 2006

NENO`s Newsletter May 2006
- The appeal of the Estonian NGOs/NPOs to the public, the Parliament and the Government
- Robert Putnam at the 11th Open Society Forum, May 26th 2006 in Tallinn
- Estonian Civil Society Development Concept (EKAK) at CIVICUS World Assembly
- Open Estonia Foundation presented its annual Concord Prize for ethics
- Mapping of the civil law partnership associations in Estonia
- News in brief

19. May 2006

The appeal of the Estonian NGOs to the public, the Parliament and the Government
The representatives of Estonian NGOs appeal to the Estonian Government, the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) and the general public to allocate the development of civil society a priority in future Estonian governmental- and budgetary plans.

31. March 2006

NENO`s Newsletter March 2006
- Estonian Government started the Civic Initiative Support Strategy
- The Norwegian/EEA Financial Mechanism NGO Fund outline principles are being finalized
- The project of financing the non-profit organizations by the state is under discussion
- Principles of financing the nonprofits by the state is under discussion
- Good Practices of the Delivery of Public Services by the non-profit sector is being finalized
- The contribution of the nonprofits into the liquidation of the oil pollution
- News in brief

14. March 2006

IV Estonian civil society conference November 24-25, 2005
Estonia is a small country with a vast society,” stated Kumi Naidoo, one of the main speakers at the conference of Estonian nonprofits four years ago. New challenges to be met today – what are they? How to face them? These are the questions that will be asked at the IV Estonian civil society conference.

14. November 2005

International seminar “Civil Society Excellence”
On March 3-5, 2005 an international seminar “Civil Society Excellence” took place in Tallinn

14. March 2005

First project in the country to define “umbrella organization”
In Estonia there is approximately 200 umbrella organizations. But nobody has never actually counted them or tried to definite their definition.

13. January 2005