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Prior to the parliamentary elections in 2007 and local government elections in 2009, Estonian NGOs have launched their political manifestos, addressing candidates with proposals for activities they can undertake if being elected to contribute to strengthening the NGOs and civil society as well as improving the cooperation between the nonprofit and public sector.

Manifesto 2007

Manifesto 2009

Manifestos reverse the pre-election practices of the NGOs to date. Instead of just asking what the programs of the political parties promise for the development of our sector, the NGOs themselves compile a plan of action necessary for the development of civil society and the supportive steps we expect from the politicians.

As it should be in a participatory society, where the voters and the elected are not opposing camps that battle for their own gain, but partners in dialogue, who discuss their activities in the name of common goal.

The results of the 2007 Manifesto: a separate chapter on civil society issues in the Government's coalition agreement for the first time in Estonia, including clauses on the establishment of the National Foundation for Civil Society, systematizing the principles for the funding of NGOs from the state budget, compiling a plan for civic education, reviewing tax benefits, etc.

It is also clear that the Manifestos have brought the opportunities and developmental needs of civil society to the attention of politicians, the media and the public. Plus it gives the NGOs the opportunity to think through together the things that affect their work and the development of civil society as a whole.

Manifestos have been supported by the Open Estonia Foundation and the Baltic-American Partnership Programme.

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