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Study visits to Estonia

NENO introduces development of Estonian civil society to foreign guests from East and West, North and South. Here you can find some examples of presented programmes.

Delegation of CAF Russia to gain an overview of the nonprofit sector in Estonia

In December 2006 NENO organized a 5-day study-visit for Charities Aid Foundation Russia (CAF Russia). The participants from different regions and organizations of Russia met several experts and got a detailed overview of the nonprofit sector in Estonia. The visit included seeing the work of different NGOs and the cooperation with the state institutions. The topics discussed included EKAK (Estonian Civil Society Development Concept), delivery of public services, the good practice of engagement, social entrepreneurship, charity, volunteerism, etc.

Study Visit CAF Russia to Estonia.pdf

Albanian delegation to gain an overview of the civil society in Estonia

In September 2007 study tour for high-level civil cervants on strategic level was organized in order to give a detailed overview of the civil society, especially policy-making process.

Study Visit to Estonia autumn 2007.pdf

Albanian delegation of experts on technical policy developer level to gain the overview of the participation tools in Estonia

NENO organized another 3-day study-tour for a delegation from Albania in February 2008. The purpose was to introduce different technical tools of engaging civil society in the policy-making process.

Albania - programme.pdf

Study trip of Norwegian associations to Estonia

Fifteen representatives of the Norwegian associations visited Estonia in order to get an overview of the civil society of Estonia, focusing on volunteerism; exchange best practices and develop partnerships; learn how the EEA Financial Mechanism has worked for organizations in Estonia and look at the role of the European Union in a new member state. See the detailed programme.

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