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Analysts Reflect on Coalition Agreement; Little Consensus Found
29. March 2011
A week after the Reform – Pro Patria and Res Publica Union coalition agreement was revealed to the public, analysts have not come to a consensus on what the agreement means for civil society. NENO project manager Alari Rammo called the agreement “predictably vague” whereas Annika Uudelepp from the think tank Praxis praised its emphasis on public administration reforms and increased participation.

Election Observers: Polling Stations Were Underprepared
26. March 2011
According to the final report by Transparency International Estonia, the parliamentary elections of March 6th were conducted transparently and democratically in general, but the report also noted a few problems.

Civil Society Manifesto Reflected in Coalition Agreement
24. March 2011
Coalition talks between the Reform Party and the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union came to a conclusion yesterday, when the two parties confirmed a 55-page coalition agreement detailing the goverment’s action plan for the next four years. The agreement incorporated many of the proposals outlined in the Civil Society Manifesto released shortly before the elections. However, other proposals have been watered down and some crucial points have been completely left out from the coalition agreement.

NENO Introduces Participatory Budgeting at Spring School
23. March 2011

Last Friday, NENO conducted its annual Spring School, this time on the topic of Participatory Budgeting.

Switzerland Provides 2 Million Euros for Estonian Civil Society
22. March 2011
The Swiss ambassador in Helsinki, Maurice Darier, deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Finance Ivar Sikk and the head of the National Foundation of Civil Society Agu Laius signed an agreement yesterday providing 2.3 million euros for the development of third sector-public sector partnership. The Ministry of Finance will co-fund the initiative for 300 000 euros, with Switzerland providing the rest.